Kittens – Living Under a Mobile Home Park, Emaciated and Flea Ridden

8/13/16 – This past Wednesday I received an e-mail regarding four kittens living under the deck of an elderly couple’s home, The couple was unable to get them and had been feeding them water and crackers. I hate hearing about any animals fending for themselves on the streets but to hear about kittens or puppies, well……. So, I contacted a couple of our trapping and independent rescue friends and they jumped into action. Debra B. went to the home that evening and trapped all four of the kittens and our friend, Jo, contacted another friend, Missy, who agreed to take them in. The kittens were actually younger than was thought — 3 weeks old. They were very thin and two already had definite upper respiratory infections. Thankfully, everybody is safe and cozy and medically treated complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. Anyone interested in these cuties (Arthur, Tails, Lilac, and Onyx) should contact Missy at although they won’t be available for a little while. Once again, it takes a Village! ~ dianakittensw:kim miller 8:14:16

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