Axel – Has His Surgery

11/8/16 – You might remember that Axel was a chained, 24/7, “pet”. Fortunately, some very caring women couldn’t let it go and convinced the owner to surrender him. Axel was not only ignored and chained but he had Entropion which is a disorder where the eyelashes grow inward. Not only is this painful but it will eventually result in blindness. Axel’s savior searched for vets who could perform the surgery and contacted us for help. We are very happy to report that Axel had his surgery, including neutering, and he is safe and resting. ~ diana

“Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart and some very good friends, Axel is on his way to brighter days. He is somewhat sore from his procedure today and probably questioning just what “I” did to him (he refuses to look me in the eye at the moment) but otherwise things went really well. – Jennifer”

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