Shih Tzu Five – My How They’ve Grown

1/18/17 – A Happy Update! Remember the Shih Tzu Five. The mom and babies were brought into the emergency where Gina worked. The mom was very sick and was the victim of breeders who had put her through three deliveries. When this one went wrong, they had no idea as to what to do. As is always the case, the survival of the babies was questionable. Gina and our friends, Amanda Morris and Carrie Krausmann, fostered all of these little creatures and with a lot of hard work, love, and careful scrutiny everyone was adopted. Here are a few of them today and what the gang looked like when they were first brought in.shih tzu 5 - 1-1:17:17shih tzu 5 - 2 1:18:17shih tzu 5 -3 - 1:18:17shih tzu 5 - as babyshih tzu 5 ===shih tzu 5 ====shih tzu 5 as baby ==shih tzu 5 as baby=

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