Stormy – Found Alone on a Cold, Stormy Night Behind a Commercial Building

12/30/16 – Stormy was rescued during a very cold and stormy night two weeks ago. She was found all alone behind a commercial building. She was sneezing and coughing badly, emaciated and appeared to have an upper respiratory infection. We immediately authorized a visit to the vet the following day and Stormy was treated for upper respiratory infection. A couple of weeks later, Stormy was not getting better and was taken to another veterinary where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Stormy is getting healthier each day and soon she will be available for her forever home (not to mention be spayed and vaccinated). We are forever thankful that we can be there for the many people who rescue. ~ dianastormywrachelgerstner-121316stormy-wrachelgerstner121316

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