Smokey – Rescued from a Feral Cat Colony Suffering from Entropion

2/17/16 – Meet Smokey. Last week he showed up in a feral colony. And, like so often happens, he turned out to be very domesticated. In fact this is the third call for help in the past week where a domesticated cat turned up in a feral colony. He was very emaciated (domesticated cats no longer have the hunt drive nor can they fend for themselves amongst feral cats), and had what appeared to be an upper respiratory infection. Smokey was taken to the vet yesterday and to my surprise, the doctor called me to tell me that Smokey had Entropion of the eye. In the six years I have been doing this, I have never come across a cat with Entropion* (see previous post on Diesel*). But, in researching the condition on Pet M.D. I saw that, yes, it is a condition that cats can also suffer from. Of course, we authorized the surgery and hope that little Smokey will be on his way to a painless new life with the rescuer’s daughter. Smokey will also be receiving the ‘usual’ medical treatment which always includes neutering or spaying. If you find yourself with a little extra money, please consider donating to 4 Paws 1 Heart through the donate button on this page or through mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. At this time we have or will have 3 dogs receiving heart worm treatment and two surgeries for Entropion. And, as we all know, the need never ends. ~ dianasmokey w:cindy fontana 2:14:17

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