Gigi and Her Kittens – Pregnant and Rescued in January; Gigi has Two Kittens

3/13/17 – Meet Gigi and her babies. It was the end of January when this very sweet girl was rescued from the streets of St. Clair Shores. We were contacted to see if we could pay for spaying, vaccines, testing — you know, the usual. Gigi was taken to the vet where it was discovered that she was pregnant with two kittens. She was placed in a loving foster home and on the night of one of the worst weather related power outages in Southeast Michigan, March 8, Gigi’s babies were born in the dark. Thankfully the foster knew ahead of time that Gigi was carrying two babies. Everyone is doing well and you can see what a beautiful family they are with Midwest Small Breed Animal Rescue if anyone has any future interest. ~ dianaGigi w:cheryl klos 1:28:17gigi's babies 3:3:17

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