Angel and Cookie (aka Lucy) – Before Adoption

5/13/17 Happy Mother’s Day! It doesn’t matter if your children are human, felines, or canines. It doesn’t matter if you are a foster mom, an adoptive mom, or a birth mom. What matters is the unconditional love and guidance moms bring to their children. Here is a photo from last year of one of the best foster moms in our Village — Gina’s Angel. Angel has fostered week-old kittens, puppies, recovering animals, and animals, like Cookie (now Lucy), who have been so emotionally abused. Today, Angel continues to be there for any lost or broken animal that Gina DeLuca rescues and Lucy is in her forever, loving home with our good friends Jean McAlees Winteringham and her husband, Phil. Much love to all of our friends who make our work possible. ~ dianaangel and cookie 5:13:17

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