Snickers – Mentoring His Foster Sibling, Minnie

5/6/17 For those of you who don’t remember Snickers’ story, please check out our website – In a nutshell — Snickers at just about 6 weeks old was found crying in an icy puddle in an alley in January. A village came together to save this baby and now he is an official 4 Paws 1 Heart mascot and his mom is on our Board (his dad is also, although not on an official basis). Snickers has helped so many transition from the outside to a loving home. Here’s a message from his mom. ~ diana

“Snickers telling Minnie a secret “Minnie, everything is going to be alright you have a village behind you and you have me who will show you the ropes on how to be social”
Snickers is the BEST FOSTER BRO EVER! Who agrees??? Minnies story in a nutshell, She was hit by a car, someone took kitty to vet, vet found the hit kitty to be pregnant. THANK YOU 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of her medical. Now she needed somewhere to go Diana Rascano put out a foster request, and Kim Wegner fromHappy Tails Scs stepped up for the challenge, & and it is a challange because Minnie is feral but yet she has potential. I, The best ever foster brother Snicker’s Mom, offered to kitty sit for a couple of weeks for Kim. Minnie loves her Snickers and she is tolerating me! She now loves to be petted! Her belly is growing and we hope she will have a happily ever after! Thank you A Second Chance For Chance Kitty helping kitty program for food for Minnie! So a big Thank you village!!!”snickers w:minnie 5:6:17

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