Hammy – Rescued From the Street, Having Seizures, Finds His New Home

6/20/17 – We could not make these miracles happen without the support of our donors and the caring people who never turn their backs on the abandoned and abused. Little Hamilton was found running the streets, emaciated and later found to be having seizures. We were contacted for help and it was our pleasure. Here is the update from the rescuer:

“Very good people who are completely aware of Hammy’s medical needs with regards to his seizures and little quirks have adopted him. Meg mentioned that she had a cat that had diabetes and she had to give an injection to daily for years, so I think she’s good with loving a pet until the end. Her twin boys seemed enthralled with Hammy which made me super happy. They know they need to get him fixed and are planning to do that as soon as they can when his blood work comes back.

I think it’s a super great fit! They also know that if something doesn’t work out he needs to be returned to me but Meg kind of scoffed and said “he’s part of the family now. We don’t return family members.” (Their last name is Berger….so he’s Ham Berger.)

Thank you SO much for making this possible. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had to turn this little guy over to a shelter not knowing what was going to happen. And I couldn’t afford to take care of the vet expenses to make sure he was healthy. So THANK YOU.

Yay for happy endings! <3 Thanks again! You rock! ~ Katie”

Hammy 6:20:17Hammy 6:20:17 in new yard
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