Chance, Carla, and Baby Skunk – All Precious Lives Matter

6/20/17 -So happy for our Chance and happy that the baby skunk arrived when our good friends were there. All animal lives matter. ~ diana

“Hmmm, where to start? Like mom says, every week somebody needs something. Soooo, mom noticed a booboo on my chest Saturday and was very concerned about it annnd being a cat of course I kept licking it making it worse, thus the tshirt. So of course mom called 4 Paws 1 Heart and an appointment was made for me for today. The good news is its nothing serious, its either a pimple thingy that popped or I ran into something sharp that I shouldnt have and mom will be doing a sweep of the house for that. My booboo is not infected, they flushed it and gave me an antibiotic shot and all will soon be well! Lets see, what else. Oh yes! And Carla has just the start of a uti, so an antibiotic shot for her was also needed, thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart! Lets see now, hmmm..anything else to report? Oh yeah! Notice an odd kid in these pics??? Yep! Guess whos coming for dinner? Yep, thats a baby skunk!!! Sooo, while we were at the vets a very nice man came in with this kid he found on the side of the road. He was sooo upset becuse he had already went to 2 other vets and nobody would take him and the poor little thing needed to be fed!!! Mom, we cant let him starve!!! So long story short with Auntie Debra Berolatti stepping up to buy the proper formula & bottle and moms feeding skills this little cutie is at our house and hes been fed, stimulated to potty and is now sleeping all cuddled up. Tonight a wonderful vet tech will pick him up and take over, but for today he is our guest at Hotel Chance Never a dull moment! 😂❤”chance 6:20:17skunk 6:20:17carla 6:20:17

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