Louie – Bounced Around Between Shelters and a Home

6/16/17 – As I post these stories every day (sometimes more than one a day), I’m saddened to think of what would happen to these beautiful, loving animals if it weren’t for caring rescuers and 4 Paws 1 Heart. We are a very small organization — Gina and I supported, by a 7-member Board of Directors, and a village of animal lovers who will donate, foster, and support our fundraisers. This is Louie. He was pulled from a shelter by another shelter who then adopted him out. Not long after, Louie was returned to the shelter by his adopter because he had “stiff legs”. Fortunately, there was a person at the shelter who decided to take Louie in and because Louie seemed to be having trouble with his leg and was vomiting, she contacted us. Of course we took Louie under our wing. The doctor found that Louie has stomach ulcers, is very emaciated, and the problem with his legs is probably the result of being in shelters for so long. Louie is being treated and will have a follow up visit with the doctor. He is doing better already. ~ dianaLouie w:Jennessee -- 6:12:17

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