Casper – Only 10 Months Old, Deaf, and Running the Streets

7/25/17 – Meet Casper. At 10 months and deaf, he was found running the streets. The rescuers found out who his owners were but when they were contacted, they chose to not take him. The rescuers could not afford to keep him and contacted our friends at Friends of Scooby Rescue. We have often helped this rescue, and in this case, we were asked again if we could help Casper with neutering, vaccinating, and testing. Of course we did. Casper is now in a loving foster home where the young son of the house and Casper have already bonded. The young man is already learning sign language to teach Casper. Casper will also be in training for the next six months and our prayer is that he will find the perfect loving home once ready. Who knows?? Maybe, he already found that. ~ dianacasper 7:25:17

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