Chance – Speaks Up for Community Cats

7/20/17 – Working together to make a difference. LOVE!! – diana

“Good morning Star & Twinsie!!! Are you enjoying your breakfast? We love you
Good morning Team Chance! Our beautiful ferals Star & Twinsie are having their yummy breakfast, then they’ll get up on the chairs for a morning nap knowing they are safe & loved. Becuse of 4 Paws 1 Heart they were spayed and had their shots 5yrs ago and theyve lived in our yard ever since never having any babies. 5yrs ago there were more then 30 cats & litters upon litters being born on our street. Mom started trapping the kittys and with the help of 4p1h all were spayed & neutered, all of the kittens were placed in loving homes and most of the adults too! But, if that original mama cat had been spayed in the first place all those kittys would not have been born outside. Sooo spay, neuter, tnr and be kind! No kitty chooses to live a life outside, humans made that choice. Have a SuperHero kind of Thursday everybody!” ~ Chancestar and twinsie 7:20:17

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