Maui, Muana, Penelope, Jordon, Josie and Jordon – Found with Severe Upper Respiratory Infections

8/2/17 – Please keep your prayers and good energy going. The two grey babies (Josie and Jodie) were found with Karl and have serious upper respiratory infections. Jordan continues to fight the fight. So many animals this summer needing so much medical help and loving homes. ~ diana

maui and muana 8:1:17penelope 8:1:17jordon 8:1:17 jodie & Josie 7:29:17“I am exhausted…but first I want to thank Debra Berolatti for being here first thing in the morning to take Maui, Muana and Penelope in for their spay and neuter, (Penelope didn’t get spayed as she developed a uri), and bringing them back home to me, all thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering their medical and 4P1H covered the vet visit this afternoon for Jodie and Josie! They are both fiv/felk negative…yea! But we are waiting on shots until they are completely over their uri’s. While there I got an appt for Jordan for tomorrow, who bless his heart, when he saw me today after I got home he tried to meow for the first time! It was so feeble, my heart went out to him. When I returned home I was so blessed today…..waiting for me on the porch were a couple of packages with toys and a kitty tree donated for the kittens. I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow, this time it’s also for me as I am still dealing with the ear problem! I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers for Jordan. We are on day 5 and he’s holding his own. Whew……ok, I got work to do! – Patricia”

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