Sage – Left Behind When the Family Moved

8/25/17 – Meet Sage who is looking for the love and care all animals deserve. Our friend, Jo Addington was contacted about a cat ‘left behind’ when the home was vacated. When she got to the home she found two dead cats and Sage. Their owner was a heroin addict who had been living conditions that were deplorable. The toilet where Sage had been drinking from was black and the littler box was never changed. There was no evidence of food dishes and only God knows how long the animals went without food. The veterinarian thinks she is 5 or 6 years old. She is front declawed and as sweet as can be. We are thankful that we can be there for these poor souls and we pray for the former owner because we absolutely understand the horrors of drug addiction. Please share and help us find the loving home that Sage deserves. Anyone interested in Sage should contact Jo at: [email protected]~ diana

sage 8:25:17sage--8:25:17
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