Carla – Rescued from a High Kill Shelter; Paralyzed, and Now, With a Bladder Stone

8/31/17 UPDATE: Carla is home and is doing great. She is the happy, bouncy kitten she was before she started having issues with urinary tract infections which turned out to be caused by a bladder stone. She is now spayed and will soon be on her way to continuing her physical therapy. ~ diana
8/30/17 – Please say a prayer for our girl, Carla. She is having surgery today to have a bladder stone removed. She has been seen by three veterinarians and two of the three, who we trust implicitly, feel strongly that the stone needs to be removed and that we shouldn’t risk waiting for it to dissolve and a piece of stone getting caught causing a blockage and what would be emergency surgery. She will also be spayed at the same time. Mama Dee is worried because she has to express Carla in order for her to urinate and Carla will have an incision in the area where she needs to be expressed. But, our doctor has instructed Dee as to how to do this safely while Carla heals. Thank you to everyone who has donated for Carla’s unexpected surgery. The demand for help has been great and we are in need of donations and support for our upcoming fundraisers — BUT — as I’ve said before, once we commit, we are committed and we will do whatever is needed for our girl. ~ dianacarla 8:31:17carla 2017carla--2017

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