Mama and Her Kittens Rescued During a Rainstorm

9/5/17 – This little family of mom and six kittens was found during last Monday’s rainstorm. The finder’s cousin works at a veterinary hospital who works with us and she told her to contact us. The kittens were soaked and full of fleas and although the mom was not immediately brought inside she stayed near the rescue house, knowing her babies were inside. As all of you know, we are not a rescue; we fund medical treatment for abandoned/stray animals BUT we just so happened to have heard that a good friend of my sister and a former work colleague was interested in fostering SO you know what happened. Everyone was taken to the vet to be treated for fleas and our good friend took them in two days later. Some are already spoken for but they will be neutered/spayed and vaccinated and mama will be tested. Please contact me at if you are interested in adopting any of these cuties and I will put you in touch with their foster mom. ~ dianaplacido:sterner :::9:5:17placido:sterner 9:5:17placido:sterner---9:5:17

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