Sherrie in Alpena Needs Assistance with Her Rescued Cats

9/15/17 – 4 Paws 1 Heart funds medical treatment for abandoned, stray, and abused animals. I don’t know of any other organization that does this in Michigan. We help rescue organizations, shelters, and individuals who are independent rescuers. Sherrie has a cat rescue in Alpena, MI. Unfortunately, she has been targeted by a person who actually targeted 4p1h at one time. Not only is Sherrie trying to save cats and make sure they don’t reproduce, she is fighting the evil interference of people whose egos have been hurt. We have been trying to help Sherrie and have provided medical funding in the past. Currently, because our funds are low, we had to prioritize our assistance. At this time, we are helping with the serious medial needs of upper respiratory infections, a prolapsed uterus, and some other issues that arise from living on the streets. These babies are a few of them. ~ diana

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