RIP SWEET ANIMALS Who Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

10/23/17 – Dear Friends, once again we find ourselves in a position where we have to be on hold from helping any new animals being rescued. Today, I paid bills totaling $15,373 to 4 veterinary hospitals for just the past month. Unless we get significant donations or support in our next couple of fundraisers, we will be on hold for a minimum of one month. As of today, we have paid $108,000 between 1/1/17 through 10/23/17 in medical bills. I’m sorry to keep asking but if you can, please make a donation today through paypal by using the donate link on our website or on the left side of this page. Or mail a check to P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. As you do that, please say a little prayer for all of those animals who have been left on the street to die horrible deaths all alone. These are two souls who were lucky enough to find someone who brought them into their homes to die in loving arms without further suffering. Th22687831_1683468725018752_1760153009384946393_n22730163_1683468861685405_2991852221242423492_nank you Shawnna and the kind lady who fed this poor kitty while he was in the wild. We were called when he couldn’t control his bladder and was not able to move his bowels. He was dirty and flea infested. The doctor suspected tumors and kidney failure. He died loved and clean late yesterday. This elderly dog was found lying in the shade at a car wash; not moving. A kind man took her home with the approval of a nearby police officer. He fed her and gave her water and she started to perk up. Unfortunately, she began to go down quickly over night which was thought to be because of congestive heart failure, the great doctors at OVRS, humanely euthanized her and put her out of her suffering. RIP Sweet Animals of God. Because of our finances, we were not able to respond as quickly as I would have liked. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know. ~ diana

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