Chance (II) – Update

11/17/17 – An update from Chance’s rescuer, Cortney.

chance - cortney kleiner 11:9:17chance w:cortney kleiner 11:9:17chance 11:9:17“It’s coming to be time for Chance’s checkup, just a recap for those that may have missed it, Chance had her liver enzymes retested at our last appointment, they were still elevated, she was also given an ultrasound to see if she was spayed. She is not spayed. However, her body is not stable enough to undergo surgery until her liver enzymes have decreased. She is fattening up and playing like a champ. In order to get her to the vet for a recheck we NEED donations to be directly donated to 4 Paws 1 Heart and note that it is for Chance. This organization does more than enough for everyone in my position that is trying to independently save animals without the proper resources. Tax time is coming around and your donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE! We need your help to get Chance healthy! Look at her! She wants to live! – Cortney”

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