Cee Cee – Abandoned by her Owners; Found Pregnant in the Brutal Cold

1/25/18 – CeeCee was abandoned by her owners about a year ago. A neighbor has been feeding her since but recently noticed she looked pregnant. The kind person couldn’t stand the thought of a 9 lb. baby having kittens in these below- freezing temperatures and contacted our friend, Rachel G. Rachel G. contacted me to see if we could assist. Of course we did. CeeCee was able to get into the vet yesterday and was found to be about two weeks away from having 4 kittens!! Can you imagine if these little babies would have been born in this cold? Chances are that everyone would have died. CeeCee is now in a foster home — safe and warm. She will be under Ferndale Cat Shelter who will eventually find everyone their forever homes. God Bless the rescuers. ~ dianaceecee 1:25:18

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