2/8/18 – My Angel is watching over little Annie as she is peacefully sleeping in her basket. She is going on 4 weeks now, and a little behind with her teeth erupting! She is getting stronger every day and full of lots of spunk! Ginaannie 2:8:18angel and annie 2:8:18

Sarge – Lived Outside 24/7 and Rescued by an Animal Control Officer

2/8/18 – Meet Sarge. He was forturnate enough to be rescued by a caring Animal Control Officer. There is evidence that Sarge was kept outside his entire life but now he is in a loving foster home with a huge chance that it will be his forever home. Sarge is heart worm positive and the only way he could be saved, was to get a commitment for the medical bills which 4 Paws 1 Heart made. We wish Sarge the very best as he begins his heart worm treatment and his new life. Saving these lives would not be possible without our supporters. ~ diana

sarge w:justin holland hazel park 1:31:18sarge 1:31:18sarge 2:8:18--

Gabby – Found in a Cat Community With a Slanted Jaw

2/6//18 – This very sweet girl was found in a feral community. The caretaker rescued her and had her vaccinated, tested, and spayed but it was found that she has a slanted jaw and an underbite which would be problematic as she aged. Already, her baby teeth were causing problems with her adult teeth that are now coming in. A rescue group has agreed to find Gabby a home if we would cover her oral medical — which we did. All of these animals would not have a chance without the support of our friends. ~ dianagabby 2:6:18

Simon and Bob – One is Unable to Walk/Stand and the Other Emaciated and Very Ill

2/5/18 – Welcome to the first full week of February. Although most of us in Southeastern Michigan are once again dealing with about 3 – 5 inches of snow, I wanted to share this happy update to begin your week on a happy note.

Hopefully, you will remember our Simon. I was called during the evening of an 8″ snowstorm. The caller advised that a cat who his mom had been harboring in her rented room, kept being thrown outside by the landlord. And, the cat could not use his back legs. Well, with the help of the caller and our friend, Jo A., Simon was brought to safety and 4 Paws 1 Heart committed to doing whatever we could to give Simon a life he deserved. He has recently been seen by Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets and has been given exercises to do at home and a therapy plan has been developed. It turns out that poor Simon could not use any of his legs! But, the doctor thinks that with therapy, he will be able to walk again. Simon has proven to be a real love bug and enjoys living with some of his new buddies. The GREAT NEWS — SIMON actually stood on all four legs for a few seconds this weekend! Can you believe it? We know we have another little fighter on our hands and we will rejoyce the day he can again walk.

On another happy note, here is Simon with his best friend, Bob. From the day Jo took in Simon, Bob and him have been inseparable. Bob is another kitty helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart and helped by Jo A. Bob was left behind by his owners. He was treated for months for diarrhea that was so bad it would just spill out of his little body. He has asthma but gets better each day. I hope seeing these photos and reading their stories lift your spirits on this cold, wintry day. And, remember, it’s only because of the generosity of our supporters, can we continue to make miracles happen. ~ dianaSimoSimon and bob 2:5:18simon and bob -- 2:5:18

Gizmo – Update

Gizmo is doing great!!! Here he is with his new big brothers Fritz and Razzy.
Two yrs ago I raised a litter of 5 orphan pups and Fritz was one of them. His mommy and daddy now want to make Gizmo a part of their home. We are planning to make it official on Valentines day which is the same day Fritz was adopted. Thank you Lisa and Scott for opening your hearts and home to our little Gizmo ♡ Gina

gizmo w:fritz 2:4:18gizmo--2:4:18gizmp w: gina 2:4:18

Violet – Adopted!!

2/4/18-you can read Violets story on our website 4paws1heart.org. But the most important story is that After Violet just couldn’t seem to find her forever home, our friends at the Ferndale Catfe took her into their program and within a few days, our spunky little girl found her forever home. Wishing our baby a long life of love and play. – diana

“Hellooo Team!!! Looky what we have!!! New pics of Violet in her new home from her new mommy! We’re so happy for Violet and so happy Lynn from the Catfe put ourmom & Violets mom in touch with each other. Cus you know what we love as much as happy adoptions? Happy updates!!! Thankyou Sara for these adorable pics of our foster sissy, and Thankyou for loving Violet sooo much that you wanted to make her you own and give her the living home she deserves violet 2:3:18violet--2:3:18

Skatz, Midnight, and Magnus – Their Owner was Going to Throw Them into the Woods

skatz 1:25:18midnight 1:25:18magnus 1:125:182/2/18 – Meet Skatz, Midnight, and Magnus. The cats had belonged to the rescuer’s neighbor’s son. He had gotten the older two (brother & sister) (Skatz and Midnight )for his girlfriend. When they broke up, neither wanted them and they were eventually tossed outside. The neighbor’s son again somehow ended up with a third cat that was eventually tossed outside too. His mother told the rescuer that her son was considering dumping them in the woods. Fortunately, we were contacted by the rescuer and we paid for the three to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tested. They are again indoor cats who will be looking for their forever homes. ~ diana

Dolly and Cassius – Their Owner Had Gone to Prison and They Were to be Taken to the Shelter

2/1/18 – I received the following message from our friends at Streethearts Animal Rescue. Please share and let people know that Dolly is still in need of a foster so that she can get going on her heart worm treatment which has been paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart. She would do best as a single pet. Cassius is in a foster home and if all works well, he may be adopted by the foster. 4 Paws 1 Heart has also paid for Cassius’ heart worm treatment. Please keep these two beauties in your prayers. Here is their story. ~ diana
“An animal advocate/volunteer at Genesee County Animal Control witnessed Dolly & Cassius being brought into the building by someone. She overheard them stating they wanted to surrender the dogs because their owner had gone to prison. The shelter refused to take them & the person was very distraught & didn’t know what to do with the dogs so this individual offered to take the dogs from the individual & find help for them; so they turned them over to her. She called Streethearts and they took them in. We thought they were both about 10 months old but the vet estimated Dolly to be 2-3 years old after she was examined. They had evidence of being kept outside, they were filthy and coats were in poor condition.. Plus, a dog that is 10 months old usually does not often test positive for Heartworm. Dolly has evidence of being attacked by another dog & has scarring on her muzzle, plus, her jaw is slightly out of alignment. This may account for why she exhibits fearful/aggressive behavior toward other dogs. Anything you can do to assist would be much appreciated. – Streethearts Animal Rescue”

dolly w:streethearts 1:31:18cassius w:streethearts 1:31:18

Rhue – Dumped in a Parking Lot by His ‘Owners’

1/31/18 – We received the following call for help:
“Hello a few weeks ago I was driving my vehicle and I spotted a dog walking loose running around in a parking lot. I saw that he was with two people earlier as I was going to get food, but as I was coming back after buying my food, I noticed the dog running loose in the parking lot with no leash so I had to stop my car and get out immediately. I chased him up and down the parking lot for 25 minutes. He finally went into a Family Dollar and that was my only way that I saved him; he was scared, dirty, and cute. I had a cargo Army net in my truck and I threw it over him, picked him up and brought him home. Since then I’ve tried to find the owner; no one has come forward. I’ve searched on all different websites but nothing. I want to keep the dog because I have dogs of my own but I’m struggling right now and I have never asked for help but my father passed away last February and I’ve been dealing with his issues and it has basically brought me down to my knees. I didn’t ask for this dog but it’s almost like he found me when I needed him the most. I took him into all about animals. I ran into a nice woman named Rachel; she was really nice and I spent the last little bit of money that I had for this dog. I have to keep him he gets along with my other dog’s but I just can’t afford to get him fixed right now or his shots. I’ve rescued my other two dogs and never asked for help with them. I paid all their bills and I don’t like asking for help because I feel like too many people ask for help. I save dogs all the time– even birds; there’s not too many people that care–it’s too dam sad. No dog should be left; no animal. People should go to jail. They get a dog when they don’t have a home for it. It’s like my life stopped and finding that dog and fighting for him to live is what i needed to get myself right. I don’t know how to feel about sending this email asking for help. But my dogs come first . He is smart. I had to feed him every 2 hrs. to get him moving; he was very sick. I got him an anti-nausea shot and deworming. I only need help with his vaccinations and his neutering and maybe some food if you have it. I’ll repay it later down the road. I saved ten dogs last year. I like what you do. Be safe out their and be well. Thank you for your time.”

Rhue will be neutered and vaccinated this week and we will be starting him off with donated food collected from the customers of Pet Supplies Plus on Mack near Nine Mile Rd. I say it so many times but I truly mean it — thank God for those who don’t turn their back on the voiceless and thank God for our supporters who give us the ability to help in these life changing situations. As we’ve often said, we are not only changing the lives of the animals but, very often, we are changing the lives of the rescuers. ~ diana

Image may contain: people sitting, dog and indoor

Twyla and Violet – Trying to Find Their Forever Homes at the Ferndale Catfe

1/30/18 – It’s a sad but happy day. Little Twyla and Violet are moving on to the Ferndale Catfe under the Ferndale Cat Shelter. We wish them the very best and it was our pleasure to take care of their medical needs while they searched for their forever homes. We know they will be in great hands and will eventually find the best homes ever. ~ diana

“Goood morning Team, Happy Tuesday!!!! This morning Twyla & Violet will be going on to their new adventure at the Catfe Lounge. We know they will be superstars over there, and already have families interested in adopting them! We are really, really going to miss them but are sooo excited for this wonderful opportunity for them. If you haven’t yet, please make sure you give the Catfe Lounge & Ferndale Cat Shelterpages a like. Big thankyou to Patricia Brown, Lynne & Deanne at the Catfe, Debbie Nelson for transporting our girls, Sgt. Deena Weaver Terzo & Auntie Debra Berolattiwho rescued Twyla & Violet and of course 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of all their vetting so they’re all ready for their new families. Be good girltwyla 1:30:18violet 1:30:18s & remember we love you sooooo, soooooo, much! ❤ – Chance”