Rhue – Dumped in a Parking Lot by His ‘Owners’

1/31/18 – We received the following call for help:
“Hello a few weeks ago I was driving my vehicle and I spotted a dog walking loose running around in a parking lot. I saw that he was with two people earlier as I was going to get food, but as I was coming back after buying my food, I noticed the dog running loose in the parking lot with no leash so I had to stop my car and get out immediately. I chased him up and down the parking lot for 25 minutes. He finally went into a Family Dollar and that was my only way that I saved him; he was scared, dirty, and cute. I had a cargo Army net in my truck and I threw it over him, picked him up and brought him home. Since then I’ve tried to find the owner; no one has come forward. I’ve searched on all different websites but nothing. I want to keep the dog because I have dogs of my own but I’m struggling right now and I have never asked for help but my father passed away last February and I’ve been dealing with his issues and it has basically brought me down to my knees. I didn’t ask for this dog but it’s almost like he found me when I needed him the most. I took him into all about animals. I ran into a nice woman named Rachel; she was really nice and I spent the last little bit of money that I had for this dog. I have to keep him he gets along with my other dog’s but I just can’t afford to get him fixed right now or his shots. I’ve rescued my other two dogs and never asked for help with them. I paid all their bills and I don’t like asking for help because I feel like too many people ask for help. I save dogs all the time– even birds; there’s not too many people that care–it’s too dam sad. No dog should be left; no animal. People should go to jail. They get a dog when they don’t have a home for it. It’s like my life stopped and finding that dog and fighting for him to live is what i needed to get myself right. I don’t know how to feel about sending this email asking for help. But my dogs come first . He is smart. I had to feed him every 2 hrs. to get him moving; he was very sick. I got him an anti-nausea shot and deworming. I only need help with his vaccinations and his neutering and maybe some food if you have it. I’ll repay it later down the road. I saved ten dogs last year. I like what you do. Be safe out their and be well. Thank you for your time.”

Rhue will be neutered and vaccinated this week and we will be starting him off with donated food collected from the customers of Pet Supplies Plus on Mack near Nine Mile Rd. I say it so many times but I truly mean it — thank God for those who don’t turn their back on the voiceless and thank God for our supporters who give us the ability to help in these life changing situations. As we’ve often said, we are not only changing the lives of the animals but, very often, we are changing the lives of the rescuers. ~ diana

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