Skatz, Midnight, and Magnus – Their Owner was Going to Throw Them into the Woods

skatz 1:25:18midnight 1:25:18magnus 1:125:182/2/18 – Meet Skatz, Midnight, and Magnus. The cats had belonged to the rescuer’s neighbor’s son. He had gotten the older two (brother & sister) (Skatz and Midnight )for his girlfriend. When they broke up, neither wanted them and they were eventually tossed outside. The neighbor’s son again somehow ended up with a third cat that was eventually tossed outside too. His mother told the rescuer that her son was considering dumping them in the woods. Fortunately, we were contacted by the rescuer and we paid for the three to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tested. They are again indoor cats who will be looking for their forever homes. ~ diana

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