Mama – Rescued Just in Time to Have Her Kittens in Safety

Great big Thankyou to James Mazza!!! This is the pregnant feral cat I was asking for help for the other day for a safe place to have her babes. James stepped right up with a room just for her! Well, when James went to the meet the homeowner to trap mama, she had had her kits….6 of them!!! James scooped up the 5 he saw, and devised a plan to get mama..he advised me he wasn’t leaving without her. Annnnd he got her, plus 1 more kitten for a total of 6 and mama!!!! Awesome job James, thankyou!!!! And thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart who has so generously offered to take care of mama and her little family’s medical when appropriate. Stay tuned for pics of this lucky little family once mom is calmed and they are all settled in. And thankyou to the homeowner Peggy who made sure she found help for this family. Takes a village people!!! mama w:james mazza

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