Cubbie, Onyx, Gracie, Stormy, & Mouser – All Rescued During a Trap, Neuter, Return Project

5/25/18 – Our great friend, Debra B., has been helping elderly women who have been caring for a large population of ferals who have never been spayed/neutered. Realizing that one female cat can produce 3 litters a year for almost her entire life, you can imagine how ‘out of hand’ this has become. Although the City allows the care of community cats, the situation has become overwhelming for the neighbors and the caregivers. To date, Debra B. has captured 16 kittens as well as a few of the females. 4 Paws 1 Heart has committed to the medical needs of all who are trapped. The kittens are with someone who will try to get forever homes. Here are five of the kittens who will be getting their first round of vaccines and are schedules to get spayed/neutered in a few weeks. Cubbie, Onyx, Gracie, Stormy, and Mouser. Anyone interested in these beauties should contact Cathy at: ~ dianaCubbie Onyx 5:24:18 Gracie 5:24:18 Stormy 5:24:28 Mouser 5:24:18

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