Liberty – Tossed From a Truck and Hit by Two Cars

1:30 pm. It was the owner and the dog is home now..

Possible owner is on her way to the hospital to claim this dog. Both of her dogs got out yesterday morning and the other one has not been found yet…7 Mile and Outer Drive area.
If anyone has information about the other dog or the POS that did this please post on for the love of Louie.

Yesterday this dog was tossed from a truck on 94 and 8 mile and then hit by 2 cars. Please share. We are calling her Liberty. 4 paws 1 ♡ is covering her medical. She is covered in road rash and has lots of bruising along with some deeper Cuts, but she is absolutely lucky to be alive. A Good Samaritan saw everything happen.liberty 6:20:18

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