Max – His Owners Thought He had “Died Already”

7/18/18 – Max continues to recover.

max--7:13:18 max--7:13:18 max 7:13:187/13/18 – Here is the other sweet animal needing your prayers.

“The story of Max —
I rescued your cat yesterday. The one you took the time to micro-chip and even update your information. The one you shaved huge chunks of fur off of for the hell of it. The one you discarded like yesterday’s trash when he needed you the most. He had horrible diarrhea with a belly full of worms. He had wounds and when rescued, one burst open and about 7 tablespoons of ooze came out.
Despite all pain he is in, he still purrs. He wants to be our friend, he wants to trust us. I’ve never seen a cat eat so much, he acts like we’re going to starve him too.
Never again Mr Max. You made it this far – I will fight for you.-Megan”

Max was seen yesterday and had a drainage tube inserted to get the poison out of his wounds. He was treated for the many other wounds he had on his poor emaciated body and provided with many medications. Unfortunately, we found out, after receiving extensive treatment, that Max is FIV positive. BUT, that will not be his death knell. A sanctuary has been found for Max. He does have a place where he can safely recover until moving on to the sanctuary. The rescuer plans to file charges against the owner who when called about finding his cat said, “Oh, I thought that he died by now”. The owner has verbally surrendered Max in front of two witnesses at the vet who are working with us to ensure there is a signed surrender form. I continue to wonder about the cruelty in the hearts of so many people. ~ diana

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