Thor – His Owners Were Evicted and He Was Left Behind With the Parvo Virus

7/18/18 Update – After two visits to the E.R. and one visit to a day practice, Thor is now eating solid food and seems to have turned the corner.  Continued prayers for this boy.

7/13/18 – Prayers for two very sweet animals who needed very serious medical attention this past week which was ( and is) being funded by 4 Paws 1 Heart.

“The story of Thor–
What used to be my neighbors, were evicted from their home around 2 weeks ago. Thor was their dog from a little puppy, when they were forced to the streets they regrettably abandoned him in my yard knowing that I did fostering and rescued many strays. I’ve watched this loving dog come up from a puppy into a well trained companion. Even though I understand how they came to the decision to leave him behind, it still baffled me. I knew I had to take him in under my wing and protect him because he would not have the 1st clue about being locked in a cage/kennel nor living in the streets. After him being in my home for the last 13 days he fell ill. From a playful puppy full of energy on Friday to a dead dog walking on Saturday, I could tell just by looking at him Saturday morning that he was just not the happy puppy he was just the day before something was seriously wrong that’s when I emailed 4 paws one heart asking for help. Who in turn replied and graciously offered to help us. – Abigail”

Thor was taken to the emergency hospital where he spent 24 hours being treated for the parvo virus. He was then sent home with meds and the rescuer has been working closely with Gina to ensure he is getting the best medical care. He is scheduled to visit one of our other doctors today to be examined and for use to be assured that Thor is on his way to full recovery. ~ diana

thor 7:13:18
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