Copper – Found in the Middle of the Road — His Face Covered With Mud and Grass — They Thought He Was Dead

11/1/18 – Prayers for Copper. Here is his story:
“My co-worker found Copper in the middle of a dirt road (off County Line Rd.) on her way to work two weeks ago. She thought he was dead in the road but then saw him move so she stopped and picked him up and brought him to work. When she told me about him and said he was out in her car I went out to see him. His face was covered in mud and grass, eyes almost completely closed with infection and mud. Mud was up his nostrilsand green drainage coming out as well from infection. His right eye was severely swollen open. The blades of grass were stuck to his open eyeball. Dr. K removed tons of ear mite dirt from both ears and cleaned him up as best he could. I took Copper home with daily antibiotics (liquid) and eye ointment and kitten food too. He was lethargic and just wanted to sleep. After a day of medicine and kitten formula he perked up significantly. He is now a member of our family (2 adult cats 6 and 17 yrs old and 1- 14 year old dog (blind for 2 years now). Everyone is getting along well together. I am reaching out to our organization to see if you would be able to provide any financial help with Copper’s upcoming surgery. Thank you. Linda N”

Of course, we could not turn our back after this sweet guy fought through so much. Copper’s medical is now under 4 paws 1 heart and he will be having his surgery tomorrow. Prayers for this little one. ~ diana 1 Copper 2 Copper 3 copper 4 Copper 5

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