Ali (Bentley), Nugget, Binx – Gina Visits her Miracle Babies

1/25/19 – An update on Gina’s miracle babies – Ali (aka Bentley), Nugget, and Binx.  Without Gina’s heart and the support of our donors, these beautiful animals would not be here today. – diana

“1/24/19 – Spent the day visiting 3 of my many favorite 4 paws 1 heart MIRACLE babies. Stella (aka Nugget), a newborn puppy I raised from birth. Her mom passed away because a baby from the litter was stuck inside of her and she went septic. Bentley (aka Ali), also raised from birth after suffering a traumatic leg injury that the previous owners claim was a result of getting smashed in a recliner, and Buster (aka Halloween Kitten), found in street on Halloween night with a broken leg, a terrible burn on his chest, hypothermic, and in shock. Nursed him back to life, and all 3 are in the most loving homes I could possibly ask for. It was a nice visit and a great day!!♡♡♡ THANK YOU ~ Gina”ali - 2016ali (aka bentley) 1:24:19Nuggetnugget 1:24:19binx--10:31:18 binx 1:24:19

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