Trixie – Found With a Broken Pelvis – UPDATE

trixie 2:4:192/4/19 – Trixie Update. Please share and keep her in your prayers. ~ diana

?CHANCE: Shhhh! Be careful, whisper…we dont want to wake up Trixie!
Sooo, Trixie is home. She was sent home with careful instructions on how to help her potty, Appetite Stimulant becuse she hasn’t really eaten anything much at the hospital but a wee bit of baby food. Pills for inflammation & serious pain meds. So when mom brought her home she let her snuggle into her crate and rest for a bit. Oliver went and said a brief hello, Bridgette settled herself into the visitors chair next to Trixies crate, ever the house nurse that Bridgette. I went down also and gave a reassuring meow and made sure Trixie has everything she needs. She says she loves her crate and especially her new ortho bed.
After a nice rest from the trip home, mom decided to try a bit of food warmed up before syringe feeding her. She ate the whole bowl of food!!! Yay Trixie!!! Then a little while ago when mom went to express her bladder, Trixie scooted herself right in her box and peed a wee bit all on her own, yay Trixie!!! Mom did have to help with her poo, but woweeee!!! Trixie has the heart of a lioness and she is a real fighter!!!
She will see Dr. Z tomorrow morning bright & early, and we will know more then ❤”

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