Cutey and Rascal – RIP — They May Have Been Poisoned

4/18/19 – RIP Cutey and Rascal. An independent rescuer who we often help contacted me Monday. She had just rescued a dog, Cutey, who was constantly seizing. Before we could get her to a vet, Cutey died in Amy’s arms. Two days later, Rascal was found and, like Cutey, was seizing uncontrollably. This time we were able to get Rascal into the vet where they provided fluids but, unfortunately, it was too late and Rascal died. Both dogs were found in Amy’s neighborhood. We don’t know what caused the deaths of both dogs. We just pray that someone isn’t purposely poisoning animals. Because of everything Amy went through and the heartbreak of having two animals die after she tried saving them, we honored Cutey and Rascal with a private cremation. May God give rescuers strength and guidance. – diana

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