Figaro, Sylvester, Berlioz, Gideon, and Oliver – Rescued in an Auto Shop

5/10/19 – If you thought Kitten Season was fake news, it’s not. A few years ago we were called on to help several cats who had been living with a young woman murdered by a neighbor. Her friend, Natalie, contacted us for help for their medical needs as well as helping to find furever homes. Although some found new homes, our friend, Natalie, and her family continued to care those those who didn’t. Natalie’s son now works in an auto shop and in the past few months he has rescued kittens who have found their way into the shop. Here are five who 4 Paws 1 Heart will be sponsoring for their medical. Meet Figaro, Sylvester, Berlioz, Gideon, and Oliver. Anyone interested in these little beauties should contact Natalie at: [email protected]

figaro5:9:19: sylvester 5:9:19 berlioz 5:9:19 gideon5:9:19 oliver 5:9:19
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