Tater and Tot – Adopted!!

5/30/19 – Happy Update. As is not unusual for Gina, she will often take her little rescues to the bank with her to ‘show them off’. Well, it was a red letter day for Tater and Tot because one of the representatives fell immediately in love and decided she wanted to adopt both of them!! Gina visited the home and Tater and Tot are resting comfortably in their amazing new home. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/tater and tot 5:22:19

Pretty Girl (aka Lollipop/Lolli) – Update After Her Amputation

5/28/19 – Update on Pretty Girl now Lollipop (Lolli). You might remember that Lolli somehow broke her leg and after a call out for help, a kind women, Julie who works with Saved by Zade, took her in and traveled many miles to have Lolli seem by one of our favorite vets, Dr. Zalac. Lolli had to have a leg amputated. She later was spayed and vaccinated. Julie has been caring for Lolli and reports that she is melting Julie’s heart every day while she watches her happily become an inside cat with her own bed and toys. Lolli is now available for adoption. You can find her on Petfinder under Saved by Zade. I say this often but it is reality — it takes a village to give these animals a deserving second chance at life. We are thankful to be a part of that village. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/pretty girl:lollipop:lolli 5:28:19

Oscar – Found on a Busy Highway With a Tow Chain Around His Neck

5/27/19 – I hope all of our supporters had a Memorial Day filled with family, friends, memories and love. Although we were busy in the St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade, remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice – both human and canine. Calls for help still come in. This is Oscar.

Oscar was standing at the side of a busy highway with a tow chain around his neck. Several times he was almost hit by a car before a kind man stepped up and rescued him . Oscar was very emaciated and lethargic and very frightened. Thankfully we were able to get him into one of our vets who took care of immediate needs and scheduled him to be neutered this week. Thankfully, he is heart worm negative. He is a very sweet and frightened soul who may be going to a permanent home this week. We couldn’t continue to help those in need without the support of our friends. ~ diana
oscar 5:28:19 oscar -- 5:28:19

Rick – Looking For His Forever Loving Home

rick 5:25:19 rick--5:25:19 rick---5:25:19 rick----5:25:195/25/19 – Rick was rescued in an auto repair shop. He had oil in his fur and we thought he was deaf. We took care of his initial medical and before he gets adopted, we will also take care of his dental needs. We want this handsome boy to be in tip top shape for his new family–whoever that might be. – diana

“Hey friends! Rick is officially ready for adoption. Rick is one of the most loving and cuddly cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He loves all people and dogs, but struggles to understand kitty social cues. We have realized that Rick is not deaf, and it was just a defense mechanism when he was first rescued. He has completely changed and opened up into a regular loving kitty in our home.

Rick loves to play, will try to steal a lick of your ice cream and will come running for his treats from anywhere in the house. But his favorite thing in the world is to cuddle in your lap and sleep in bed with you.

If you’re interested or know anyone who might be and would like any more info, please message me or email [email protected]

Teddy – One of 35 Dogs Being Used for Testing Who Was Scheduled to be Euthanized

This is my personal hair and nail salon. I only use Paul Mitchell products. And, I’m so thankful for the love that my friend Dave Rubello and his wife, Gretchen, have for abused animals. I met Teddy last week and my heart broke thinking what he and so many animals used for product testing go through. The little guy doesn’t bark or anything but you can tell how appreciative he is for being saved. This may be inappropriate but I feel product testing should be done on murderers on death row where there is no doubt about their conviction.

“Paul Mitchell Products has pet friendly dog free testing policies..Teddy pictured with me, was experimented on with chemicals over the past years, with over 30 other of his beagle friends and was due to be destroyed in July by Dow is living proof that they were about to make the wrong decision in killing them. Teddy appreciates you not using domestic pet dog testing products. – Dave Rubello”Teddy w:dave rubello 5:25:19

Blu – Happy Update – Finds His Permanent Family

5/24/19 – Blu was left homeless when his owner committed suicide.The friends who took him in were then evicted and they could no longer care for him. Fortunately, our friend, Cortney, brought him into her rescue and one month later, he’s been adopted. He looks pretty happy. ~ diana

blu 5:23:19 blu 5:23:19 w:cortney“Sweet Blu has been adopted and is enjoying his new family! Every picture I’ve seen was all smiles from Blu. I want to say a huge thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for backing his medical, Sara Holtzman for doing everything in her power to get this babe to safety and last but not least Stephanie Scully and her patient husband for fostering him. Also to his new family with Nicole Szabla for giving him the best shot at a bright future with lots of love! Blu would have ended up in a shelter if it weren’t for all of you, but he made it safely to his forever home and very quickly at that! This is why i do what I do, look at that face! No I’m not crying, you’re crying! ❤️ #rescueon – Cortney”

Groucho – Rescued with a Bloody Discharge from His Nose, Lethargic, and Not Eating

5/23/19 – Groucho showed up on the property of someone we have assisted often with cat rescues. She trapped him and took him to a low-cost clinic with the intention of putting him back out with her feral cats but because they told her he had a bloody discharge from the nose she decided to keep him inside until he was better, the next day he quit eating and was very lethargic so she took him to the doctor; he seemed to do better for a couple weeks but than his breathing got very bad and that’s when she contacted us. Groucho’s 4th vet visit was to our ‘go to’ veterinarian, Dr.Natalie Zalac who, after checking for polyps and other issues, decided that this breathing issue may have been related to a severe dental problem. Groucho, although FIV positive, had surgery and 4 canines and several other teeth were extracted; he may have only 5 teeth left. He was also neutered and vaccinated. The rescuer tells us that he is showing signs of improvement and we all have our paws crossed that he will recover fully and be adopted into a loving home. Anyone interested in this beauty should contact Diana at: [email protected]
groucho 5:23:19 groucho 5:23:19--

Tater and Tot – Bottle Babies Rescued by Gina

5/22/19 – tater and tot 5:22:19Tator and Tot update. My plan for them to go to a rescue has changed because there is not a rescue group available to help with placement. The orange and white Male has a potential home lined up, but the all orange Male does not. If you are serious about adoption please email me, I will send you an application, and once ready they can be adopted. [email protected].

Belfor – Found Emaciated and Heart Worm Positive

5/22/19 – While working as a contractor for the electric utility, a caring man came across a starving dog. The dog’s hip bone seemed to be coming “out of his skin” and he had many scars and scabs. He and his girlfriend took Belfor to a vet and although the hip issue was corrected, Belfor was found to be heart worm positive. They were told to contact us and we said ‘yes’. Belfor started his 30-day regiment yesterday and will receive his final treatments in about one month. The couple were unable to find his owners but they have fallen in love with him. So very often, owners dump their pets on the street once they find out there is an expensive medical issue. That’s my assumption because this seems to happen far too often. Prayers for this 3-4 year old boy. ~ diana

belfor w:lauren 5:16:19 belfor --w:lauren 5:16:19