Jax – Born on the Street, Needed Emergency Medical Care

6/30/19 – So many of these little babies are being born on the street and dying on the street. This poor, very sick kitten — 3 to 4 weeks old– was taken into our great partners at Advanced Animal Emergency. The second kitten needing to be seen at emergency since Thursday. He was put on fluids and antibiotics for the day and then returned later to his rescuer with more fluids, medication, and food for syringe feeding. I spoke to the rescuer last night who reported that this little guy is a fighter and was starting to eat. We will keep on top of this and he will be treated as necessary. Prayers for this sweetie. –

“Keep this little peanut in your prayers. Will be leaving the vets soon to take him home. More later. Huge thanks to 4Paws1heart for all their help. – Patricia”

Jax 6:29:19--- jax 6:29:19
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