Buddy – Rescued With a Broken Leg

7/12/19 – This little sweetie was found limping out from under a pine tree at an abandoned house. The family contacted us to see if we could help with a vet visit to check his leg. He was seen and it was determined that he has a bone break in his leg that needs surgery. The doctor did neuter Buddy while he was under to get x rays and everyone tells me what a little sweetie he is. There was a concern as to who could do the surgery but we decided to go with Dr. Ehrman. He will have surgery today. Please say a little prayer that surgery is successful. Update to follow.

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Doubling your donation during our $1,000 match. Thanks, dianabuddy 7:9:19

Groucho – Rescued from a Cat Community – Required Extensive Dental Extractions to Breathe

7/8/19 – Today is the second anniversary of my mom’s passing. When she died, a little over $7,000 was raised for 4p1h in her memory. Today, my cousin, my friend, and former Board member, Darlene, is committing to match up to $1,000 in donations made between July 8, 2019 and July 15, 2019.
Donations can be made through paypal at: 4paws1heart.org/donations/
or by mail at: P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, 48082
In my mom’s memory, who loved all animals, especially cats, I introduce you to Groucho, cat who was being cared for in a cat community. He showed up one day with bloody discharge from the nose and we were contacted to see if we could help. Groucho was lethargic, not eating, and having difficulty breathing. After visits to different veterinarians, it was determined that Groucho’s breathing problems may be attributed to dental issues. We then scheduled him for surgery. During surgery, the doctor found the dental issue to be much worse than thought and all but five teeth were removed; he was also treated for an ear yeast infection. His recovery was a little tough but finally after going home, his breathing was much better. Two weeks later, he went for his recheck and Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital, gave Groucho a clean bill of health. I just heard from his rescuer and Groucho is now doing great. – Diana

Saved By Zade Rescue – Finds 43 Kittens Who Need to Find Homes and Be TNR’d

7/11/19 – There is an excellent rescue who we’ve assisted in the past, Saved by Zade, and just recently they trapped 43 kittens to get them spayed/neutered. They asked for our help and we committed to 10 of these beautiful babies. The over population of cats is overwhelming and it’s so important that we spread the word to spay/neuter. Female kittens, left intact, will be able to produce an average of 15 kittens a year for almost their entire life. And each of those kittens will do the same. Many of these stray cats will go on to be hit by cars, tortured by people, lose eyes due to infections, or just die from weather related illnesses. Your donations truly save lives. ~ diana
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Izzy and Sox – Still Looking for Their Furever Home

Izzy – (tabby and white) very affectionate, rubs against your legs, purrs a lot, will fall asleep in your arms if tired, talks alot, will let you know when he’s hungry

Sox – (gray and white) very affectionate, rolls over for belly rubs, likes kisses, very playful, doesn’t seem to mind dogs

Both of these boys play well together, get along w other cats

Would love to see them adopted together ❤️

Email [email protected] for an application. Ginaizzy and sox 7:10:19

Rick – Found in a Auto Repair Shop Finds His Furever Home

7/10/19 – These are the miracles that we are able to make happen because of our donors. Please remember that our former Board member, Darlene, is matching all donations up to $1,000 through next Monday. And FreeStar Financial is sponsoring a contest where we could win $5,000 if our many supporters vote every day. Thank You to our many supporters. ~ diana

“CHANCE: Gooood morning Team Chance!!! Dont you just love a happy ending??? Do you remember our friend Rick who was found at a repo yard during the polar vortexand saved by our friend who works there, Mike? Mike reached out to mom & 4 Paws 1 Heart for help. Mom & Uncle Tom met Mike at the vet thanks to 4p1h and his journey began. Rick had a lot going on. He was a senior….. so scared, had injuries, believed to be deaf, tested positive for felv, needed a dental and acted like he was feral, and didnt like other cats. This was going to be a tough one. Rick went through 3 foster homes, after several snap and 2 specialized IFA tests he tested negative on both!!! In his last foster home his foster mom Ellen really taught him that it’s ok to be touched, petted, loved. He had already recieved his vaccines & neuter, again courtesy of 4p1h. And they were there again for Rick to pay for his dental and the removal and biopsy of a mass in his mouth which turned out to be nothing. As much as his foster parents loved him and wanted to keep him, he fought with their other cats. His foster mom went to work to find Rick another home and found Beth and her cat Selden. Beth fell in love with Rick, and it was decided a trial visit was in order. Both Ellen & Mom were pretty sceptical due to Rick’s past behavior with other cats. But guess what??? Rick loves his new brother Selden!!!! These pics show Rick from now back to the beginning of his journey, can you believe the transformation??? The cost of all Rick’s medical was high, but thankfully 4 Paws 1 Heart remained committed to him, as was every human who he touched on his way to his Forever Home with Beth & Selden!!!
Yep, Rick has been adopted and is loved & happy thanks to a village of awesome humans & 4 Paws 1 Heart.
Happy life now Rick, we love you!!!!
Oh, one more surprise…Rick is not deaf! 😊”rick 6:21:19rick before 2019rick before---2019

Louie – Wandering the Streets But When the Owner Was Found, He Was No Longer Wanted

7/9/19 – Reminder that we have two huge fundraisers happening now. First — vote every day to help us win $5,000 in the Free Star Financial Charity contest, Second, a $1,000 match for all donations received between now and July 15,2019.

In the mean time we are taking multiples calls a day requesting for animals found on the streets. Louie is one of them. A kind woman who we had helped before with two rescued kittens, found a very matted Louie wandering on the street. She was able to find his owner but the owner no longer wanted him. A signed surrender was officially obtained and the rescuer had Louie groomed and contacted our Board member, Denise, who contacted me. Louie was seen yesterday for a wellness exam and will be vaccinated, tested and neutered today. Louie does have cataracts but he is a bundle of energy. He gets along with cats, dogs, and kids and is house trained and knows some commands. After further discussion with the prior owner, it appears that this poor little guy has been passed around a lot. Louie needs a foster/forever home. Contact Denise at: [email protected] – thanks, diana

louie 7:8:19 w:dee n

Dewey – Had Serious Surgeries in 2013 and is Now Living in the Rocky Mountains

Dewey Update,
In 2013 he was found as a stray kitten underneath a van. We thought his injuries were superficial, but it turned out that he had a hole in his diaphragm which is the part of the insides that separates the chest and abdomen. He could have been born this way or he could have suffered severe trauma while on the streets. His liver was adhered to his heart and the section had to be surgically removed very carefully. Surgery was a success and Dewey survived. He was adopted by a wonderful family who recently moved to the Rocky Mountains. Dewey spends his days peacefully listening to birds and resting in the bay window of his beautiful home. Gina

Dewey 10:2013 w:cory lynnDewey11:13:13dewey 7:7:19

Clay – Bit His Tongue Which Resulted in a Blood Clot

7/6/19 – So thankful for our wonderful vets who will take in animals at a moment’s notice. Patterson Veterinary Hospital, Clinton Township is one of the best. – diana

“Oh….the life of a foster. Clay and I had a quick trip to the vets this morning already. I saw what appeared to be a large blood clot on his tongue while giving him meds. Of course, taking no chances, called 4Paws1Heart and Diana jumped on it for me.
It appears to be a bad bruise from biting himself. And no treatment necessary, but still scared me. At this age, still on the bottle and teething, they get frantic eating, so that must be what happened. All is good, he is out running around with Jax and Opie. On that note, does anyone else do the “kitten shuffle?” They are so tiny, when out and about, I shuffle my feet instead of lifting them while walking for fear of stepping on one of these kids. I feel like a little old lady, lol. – Patricia”clay7:6:19

Waylon – found in the Middle of a Walmart Parking Lot

7/5/19 – Look at this beautiful baby found in a parking lot. Without the support of our friends, these babies would not survive. – diana

 “CHANCE: Omgosh Team, will you look at this baby??? Mom got a message yesterday about this little guy found all alone in a Walmart parking lot and he needed a foster home & will be needing vetting as well. So of course mom contacted Auntie Di and now this little sweetheart is under the medical wing of 4 Paws 1 Heart. And this sweet baby lucked out with a fabulous foster family, the same family that fostered our great friend Rick! His foster mom Ellen says dont be deceived by his fur, he’s extremely thin so he will be going in for a wellness check right after the holiday thanks to 4p1h. So please welcome Waylon, Waylon you sure got lucky so many people came together to help you and on this 4th of July you are safe inside with a family to love & care for you. We will keep you updated on this beautiful little baby.”waylon w:dee n 7:4:19 waylon 7:4:19

Jax, Opie, and Clay – All Found on the Streets and All Ill from Upper Respiratory Infections

7/4/19 – We recently posted Jax’s story. He was taken to the emergency last weekend. He was emaciated, had a severe upper respiratory infection and we were afraid he wouldn’t make it. He only weighed 9 ounces (equivalent to a 2 week old cat) yet he was 4-5 weeks old. He was given fluids and treated and later was taken home to be treated there. A couple of days later, Jax’s two brothers were rescued. Although a little emaciated and having upper respiratory infections, they were in better shape than Jax. Jax, Opie, and Clay were all taken to the vet (for Jax it was a follow-up visit) and given antibiotics for their infections. 4 Paws 1 Heart will take care of the rest of their medical needs when appropriate. We are, again, so thankful for the many kind people who rescue and take in these poor, innocent animals left to suffer and die on the streets. ~ diana

jax, Opie and Clay 7:2:19 jax w:siblings 6:30:19