Java Junk – Stop In and Check Out the Merchandise and Make a Donation

6/29/19 – We are so thankful for the many small businesses who support 4 Paws 1 Heart. Whether it’s sponsorships, raffle items, or fundraising events, they play an integral role in our success. Java Junk, Coffee Shop and Resale Store, is one of those. It just recently opened and through their connections with Gina, have chosen to place a donation jar in their store and to match whatever is collected. They will also donate any pet items so that we can distribute them to our rescue friends. We have already received 3 crates which came in handy just this past week. You can find the store at 37661 Gratiot in Clinton Twp., MI And, while you’re there, check out the Farmers Market store which is just a couple doors down. A family owned business who have supported us in the past. ~ diana


Dexter – Rescued with an Injured Leg

6/28/19 – Dexter was rescued from the streets. His leg was severely swollen, possibly from a bite wound. He is also intact. We were contacted by a friend of 4p1h advising us of the situation and we approved Dexter’s visit to one of our partner vets. Dexter was seen and treated — thankfully in time. He will also be neutered and vaccinated once recovered.

Please consider the fact that the Spring and Summer months can be the worst for animals on the streets. They get hit by cars, they contract heart worm, and get severe upper respiratory infections. I know that many people are quick to donate during those harsh winter months because they can’t imagine being left in the cold suffering. But, unfortunately, cases tend to be worse this time of the year. Please donate today if you can. Thanks, diana

dexter 6:24:19

Chance – The Miracle When a Village Comes Together

6/27/19 – Chance is so right. Our village makes miracles happen every day. – diana

“Ahhhh, it’s good to be King! And it’s good to be able to walk, climb & jump!!! You know that clubhouse on my page that say CHANCE on it? Mom made that for me out of the box that this Cat Tree sent to us by Auntie Debi & Uncle Dave came in. Know why? Cus she felt terrible that all the other cats had something new to play with and I couldnt climb up here cus I couldnt walk. Mom says it broke her heart to see everybody having fun but me. Mom put a lot of love into that SuperHero Clubhouse and I adored it!!! And all the other cats came to play with me in it. But that Cat Tree was incentive, and look at me now!!! That’s what happens when dedicated individual fosters Team up with 4 Paws 1 Heart, miracles happen!!!
By the way, if you didnt see the update on Isaac’s post..Auntie Di approved an emergency visit to one of our fave vets and Isaac has a pretty serious UTI which is not uncommon with paraplegic cats. He was given antibiotics & anti inflammatory meds and has a recheck in a week.
Well Team, this King is getting ready to go snuggle with his Queen Mother!!! 😉 Sweet dreams everybody, see you in the morning. Love, purrs & woofs Chance & the Gang
chance 6:26:19

Abigail – Hit By A Car

6/26/19 – I received a call late Saturday night about a cat found on the street “in very bad shape”. The cat was said to be bleeding from the nose and mouth and her eye seemed to protrude. Our friend Shelley Emerson, contacted me and I approved her to see our great doctors at Advanced Animal Emergency. Thankfully they were able to see her pretty quickly.
The doctor called me a couple hours later to say Abigail was stable and it appeared she had been hit by a car. They treated her with antibiotics and suggested a follow-up visit in a few days.
Shelley tells me that Abigail is doing much better and will be scheduled for a follow up visit this week. ~ diana

abigail 6:22:19 abigail 6:26:19 abigail w:shelley emerson 6:26:19

Belfor – Found on the Streets with Heart Worm – Now Recovered and Loved

6/25/19 – Happy Update – It was early May when Belfor was rescued by a kind man while he was working on an electric circuit. Belfor was skin and bones and his hip bone kept popping out. Efforts were made to find an owner but none could be found. Belfor was taken to the vet where is hip issue was treated but he was found to be heart worm positive. That’s when we were called in to help. Belfor has completed his treatment and the only thing left is another visit to confirm the hear worm has gone. He has gained weight, has his energy back, is being taken for walks in the park and just made a new friend. The neighbors recently rescued a dog and the couples are positive the dogs must have known each other before because they have become best friends. Look at the difference that medical treatment and love can do in just a little more than 6 weeks.

As anyone knows, who has had the misfortune of a pet being diagnosed with heart worm, heart worm treatment is very expensive but it can be avoided by providing year-round preventative. As they say in the commercials, it only takes one mosquito to infect your dog with the deadly worms.

We have helped with several heart worm dogs, broken legs, and eye removals this past Spring– not to mention all of the neuters/spays. Without the support of our donors and our community businesses, these animals would not have a chance. We are sincerely thankful; but, as always, must ask that if you find yourself with a little extra money, please consider making a donation to save a life. ~ diana 6:24:19 belfor w:lauren 5:16:19

Vinny – RIP – May Have Been Poisoned

6/24/19 – RIP Vinny. Life on the streets is not an easy one for innocent animals. Vinny was a community cat born on the porch of a independent rescuer we have helped before. He collapsed the other night on her porch, totally jaundiced. Vinny was the second community cat to show up in the past week who was severely ill. The rescuer is concerned that someone may be poisoning cats. We approved to have him seen by one of our partner vets who immediately started him on fluids and ran tests. Unfortunately, Vinny did not make it. Outside of him being found to be FeLV positive, there was no other definitive diagnosis. He is now running free and pain free. ~ diana

RIP vinny 6:18:19 vinny memorial--6:24:19 vinny memorial 6:24:19

Rick – Has Found His Forever Home

6/21/19 – As we begin the first day of summer, I am thrilled to share this happy beginning for our boy Rick. – diana

 “CHANCE: Gooood morning Team Chance!!! Dont you just love a happy ending??? Do you remember our friend Rick who was found at a repo yard during the polar vortexand saved by our friend who works there, Mike? Mike reached out to mom & 4 Paws 1 Heart for help. Mom & Uncle Tom met Mike at the vet thanks to 4p1h and his journey began. Rick had a lot going on. He was a senior….. so scared, had injuries, believed to be deaf, tested positive for felv, needed a dental and acted like he was feral, and didnt like other cats. This was going to be a tough one. Rick went through 3 foster homes, after several snap and 2 specialized IFA tests he tested negative on both!!! In his last foster home his foster mom Ellen really taught him that it’s ok to be touched, petted, loved. He had already recieved his vaccines & neuter, again courtesy of 4p1h. And they were there again for Rick to pay for his dental and the removal and biopsy of a mass in his mouth which turned out to be nothing. As much as his foster parents loved him and wanted to keep him, he fought with their other cats. His foster mom went to work to find Rick another home and found Beth and her cat Selden. Beth fell in love with Rick, and it was decided a trial visit was in order. Both Ellen & Mom were pretty sceptical due to Rick’s past behavior with other cats. But guess what??? Rick loves his new brother Selden!!!! These pics show Rick from now back to the beginning of his journey, can you believe the transformation??? The cost of all Rick’s medical was high, but thankfully 4 Paws 1 Heart remained committed to him, as was every human who he touched on his way to his Forever Home with Beth & Selden!!!
Yep, Rick has been adopted and is loved & happy thanks to a village of awesome humans & 4 Paws 1 Heart.
Happy life now Rick, we love you!!!!
Oh, one more surprise…Rick is not deaf! 😊”rick 6:21:19 rick 6:21::19- rick before 2019 rick before---2019 rick before --- 6:19

Mr. Manns – Rescued From the Streets With Infected Testicles

6/21/19 – Mr. Manns was found on the streets — no owner found. We were contacted because the rescuer noticed that his testicles seemed to be inflamed. Mr. Mans was seen by one of our partner doctors where he was treated with antibiotics, neutered, and vaccinated. According to his new mom, Mr. Mans is doing great and is a little “goofball” ~ dianaMr Manns 6:18:19 Mr. Mans w:crystal king 6:7:19

Honey – Living in a Cat Community – Needed an Eye Removed – Never to Go Back Outside

6/20/19 – Honey was discovered in a cat community that a kind woman had been TNR’ing since last October. Honey’s eye was totally red. Honey was taken to a nearby vet where it was determined that Honey’s eye would need to be removed. The rescuer contacted us and we advised that we would help as long as I could be assured that Honey would never be outdoors again. Honey was seen by one of our partner vets where her eye was removed. Unfortunately, shortly after surgery, there was an obvious issue with the surgery and she was again taken back to the vet. It was determined that an infection had set in and, once again, poor, sweet Honey had to once again go under to reopen the wound. Yesterday, she was seen briefly by the doctor and the doctor felt everything looked good. Honey seems to be fitting in wonderfully and her rescuer will be working with her so that she can be adopted in the future.
This has been quite the Spring with kittens, serious surgeries for dogs and cats, and heart worm treatment. I am forever grateful that we can help these poor abandoned animals who would otherwise die on the streets. Thank You to the rescuers, the fosters, the adopters, our vets, and our donors.
– diana
honey w:kelly livingston waters 6:1:19 honey 6:1:19 honey 6:5:19 honey 6:10:19 honey 6:11:19 honey w:kelly 6:18:19