October – RIP – Someone Shot Her in the Spine

10/7/19 – RIP October – She was about 5 months old and lived among other strays in a trailer park. Yesterday we were contacted by one of the kind people feeding the strays. October had showed up dragging her back legs and then went under a trailer huddled in a little ball. After removing the skirt of the trailer, one of the caretakers crawled under the trailer and was able to get October. Fortunately, Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital, was able to see October as soon as she got in. What was found was beyond disturbing. October had a bullet in her spine. Nothing could be done and October was humanely euthanized and we are so thankful that this sweet, innocent animal was no longer in pain and prey to humans and other animals. The rescuers feel very strongly that the neighbor of the trailer where October was found, shot her. He is already on record telling the trailer park management that “if they don’t get rid of the cats, he will”. The sheriff was notified and he agreed that the neighbor was the likely culprit but said nothing could be done without proof. The rescuers are very worried about the other cats in the park. The cruelty of humans is beyond our understanding. ~ diana
october 10:7:19

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