Sterling, Autumn, and Pumpkin – Being Cared for at a Condominium Complex But the Managers Said They Have to Go

9/23/19 – Meet Sterling, Autumn, and Pumpkin. They were being fed by two kind ladies in a condominium complex. The kitties are between 5 and 6 months old and the condominium management was threatening the ladies to stop feeding them.
Fortunately, a rescuer we’ve helped, was able to step up and find an expert foster who will work with the kittens to socialize them which will eventually lead to adoption. 4 Paws 1 Heart is paying for them to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, and tested. Our hearts break for all of these innocents who are on the streets fending for themselves. Your donations and support at our fundraisers save lives. – diana w:andra 9:22:19 autumn w:Andra 9:21:19 pumpkin w:andra 9:22:19

Bud – RIP – We are so Sorry That We Couldn’t Save YOU

9/22/19 – RIP Sweet Boy. Bud was born in a garage and cared for over the past five years by an elderly couple. A friend who stopped by noticed that Bud’s belly was very much extended and we were called to help. Bud went to one of our favorite vet partners. An x ray and ultra sound was done along with a test for FIV/FeLV. Unfortunately, a large mass was seen in Bud’s abdomen. Overall, Bud’s health was not good and, taking into consideration the mass in his abdomen, it was decided that what was best for Bud was to be humanely euthanized. As all pet parents/lovers know, this is the most difficult decision one has to make but we try to keep our personal emotions aside and do what is best for the animals. ~ dianabud w:shannon dempsey 9:18:19

Jane Doe (aka Smallie Smalls) – Update

9/20/19 – Jane Doe, now known as Smallie Smalls, is with a great rescue,Rebel Dogs Detroit. Here is an update from them:
“”Smallie Smalls is not letting her stitched up wounds keep her down. She is feeling great and is putting on a challenge:
“Show me a smaller pit bull with a bigger smile!”
We don’t think you can, but Smallie insists you try!
Thank you again to @4paws1heart for covering her medical bills! We are extremely grateful.””

Thank you to our many individual supporters and businesses who make our work possible. Can you believe this girl’s smile after all that she has been through in her short life? ` diana doe aka smallie smalls 9:20:19

Lovey and Her Babies – A Pregnant Mom Walked Into the Right Home

9/19/19 – Lovey walked into the rescuer’s home and little did the homeowner know that Lovey was pregnant. Not having any experience in this arena, the rescuer took Lovey into a vet we happen to partner with when Lovey appeared to be getting ready to give birth. The vet called and asked if we could help. We did. An x ray was taken to determine the number of kittens and before Lovey could go home, she had two kittens. She is now home with her babies, a little tired from all of the excitement. Look closely at this photo because the two babies blend right in with mama. ~ diana w:courtney johnson 9:16:19

Cali – Wandering the Streets Alone With an Upper Respiratory Infection

7/18/19 – This little sweetheart, Cali, was wandering the streets in a pretty tough neighborhood. Fortunately a family took her in and found another family member to give her a furever home. She has an upper respiratory infection and will need vetting once she recovers. I sincerely thank God for the many good people who do not turn their backs on these innocent animals who need us to survive. ~ diana 9:18:19 cali--9:18:19

BamBam (aka Bambi) – One of Seven Kittens Found Under a Shrub

9/18/19 – It’s very important to wear one’s glasses when one wants to ‘check’ the gender of a kitten. Here is Bam Bam (aka Bambi). He is one of the 7 kittens found under a bush. And one of the many kittens who will be requiring our help to get vaccinated, neutered/spayed, and tested. Your donations save thousands of lives. – diana

“CHANCE: Annnd finally I’m sure you all know this little munchkin is BamBam, originally known as Bambi till we discovered mom needs to clean her glasses 😂
BamBam is soooo adorably curious about everything! Hes independent, but is also very loving always patiently waiting his turn in moms arms. He likes to go to sleep snuggled up to mom
All our babies except Quinn will be available for adoption when they are ready and we’re so thankful as always 4 Paws 1 Heart will be covering all of their vetting! Ahhh, dont you just love kittens???”bambam 9:15:19 bambam--9:15:19 bambam==9:15:19

LeLou – One of Seven Kittens is Looking for Her Forever Home

9/17/19 – Meet Lelou. She is one of the seven kittens recently found in St. Clair Shores. Four of the kittens went to Chance’s mom and three went to Patricia. They are all now getting ready for their first vaccines and in the next few weeks will be getting tested, neutered/spayed, and more vaccines. All to get them ready for what we hope will be their furever homes. Anyone interested in Lelou should contact Patricia at: [email protected]
All of our rescue friends agree that this has been an insane year for kittens and everyone born during those summer months will now be getting ready for their total makeovers. That is why your support is so important. Anything you can do to help us reduce the overpopulation of companion animals is much appreciated.

Lelou w:patricia brown 9:16:19

Blaz (aka Gus) – From Rags to Riches — Rescued When He Was Heart Worm Positive and Alone – Now the King of the Hill

9/16/19 – Remember Blaz (aka Gus) — If not, check out his story on our website. He went from an abandoned/stray, very emaciated and unloved dog with heart worm to king of the hill. A continued huge thanks to Alanda, whose yard he miraculously found. Alanda loved him, saw him through his heart worm treatment, and then adopted him to our friends Albert and Pauline. Gus is now much loved and spoiled. ~ diana 9:15:19 blaz:gus 9:16:19 blaz:gus 9:18:19

Puddin – One of Five Kittens Rescued Needing a Furever Home

9/16/19 – Puddin is one of five kittens rescued by a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart, Tracy. All of the kittens have had their medical needs taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart and one has already been adopted. Puddin is still looking for her forever home. Contact Tracy at: [email protected]

Without your support we couldn’t have made a difference in so many lives. Your generosity is appreciated every day! ~ diana

Puddin w:tracy stiff 8:11:19