Covid19 – A Difficult and Dangerous Period for Humans and Animals

3/27/20 – This is going to be a tough time for all strays — dogs and cats — who will be contracting heart worm and upper respiratory infections. All About Animals and The Paws Clinic has been closed due to Governor orders because both clinics are considered non-essential. To those of us in the rescue world, we know how essential spay/neuter truly is. I understand the thought was to save PPE for the hospitals but I know there will be thousands of animals who will be born over the next few months and then will go on to produce more. This will totally negate all of the work we’ve done over the past 10 years. Add to that, people are out of work, fundraisers are being cancelled, and donations to all of us are (understandably) non-existent. Please help where you can. Whether it be to foster, donate, or just pray. May God be with all of our friends and the animals who need us. – diana

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