Cinder – RIP – You Crossed the Rainbow Bridge with Much Love

8/11/20 -It’s not about thinking you can save them all (and I hate when people say that), because anyone who truly does this knows the heartbreak that comes along with it..
We get the reality and watch many of them die..
The hardest thing to accept is not having an answer for why they died.
Did you did everything right..did you do something wrong..could you have done something more…
It’s even harder when you see improvement because that gives you hope..
There is no preparation for death and it hurts to watch a kitten or a puppy waste away before your eyes. It sucks to hold them and watch the life fade from their tiny body…and it burns your heart inside to have no choice but to accept it.
They are so dependent on your every move, your every decision, and your ability to make the right choice. To not allow suffering…and to not be selfish.
How do you not get attached to the concept that you are saving a little life for someone to love and cherish.
That’s really what it’s all about. Each life you save changes someone else’s life forever.
This one is hitting me hard. I think it’s because I saw improvement which gave me hope.
With everything going on right now Cinder was a little spark of light in my life and I was so excited to get her started on her new journey..but it didn’t work out that way.
I woke up to check on her at 4 am and her little 1 pound body was deceased… Thank you all who kept rooting for her. 💔💔💔cinder--8:11:20 cinder## 8:11:20 cinder 8:11:20-

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