Kitty – Found with a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

8/14/20 – This little angel, Kitty, was hanging around the home (with others), when the family moved in. From the beginning, the family made room in their garage for the cats to be out of the elements and the family fed and cared for them. A couple of days ago, I was contacted because Kitty was lethargic and having difficulty breathing; the caretaker truly believed he would not make it if he weren’t seen by a vet within a day. We tried every vet who we work with and no one could see Kitty for at least a week. We even tried vets we do not normally work with and they were not available for days. Finally, our partner emergency vet said they could see Kitty — eventually that day—but the wait could be 5 hours. Well, they weren’t lying. The huge-hearted rescuer waited in her car for 6 hours before Kitty was released with meds to treat him for a severe upper respiratory infection. Two days later and Kitty is doing great while a close eye is being kept on the others. Again I say, may God bless all of our vet staffs, the kind people who don’t turn their backs on animals in need, and to all of you who donate and make our mission possible. – diana

kitty 8:14:20
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