Van Gogh – Found in a Yard – Dehydrated, Lethargic, and Infested With Parasites

8/13/20 – Unless you are active in the world of rescue or have a sick pet, you probably don’t know what a nightmare it has been for most animal owners/rescuers to find a vet who can see an animal in immediate need. On Tuesday I received a call from a good friend of 4p1h. She and her husband had rescued a kitten they found wandering in their yard. The kitten was sick and Gina helped with some meds but by Tuesday morning the baby was lethargic, had a high fever, was not eating or drinking, or defecating/urinating. We tried every one of our partner vets, vets in the area who we’ve worked with but not necessarily have a relationship with, and even the emergency hospital we work with — nothing–everyone was backed up and the clock was ticking on this little baby’s life.

In that our friends live in Eastpointe, I called our friend, ACO Pylar, who was happy to help us get little Van Gogh into the hospital the City works with. Van Gogh spent the night at the hospital where he received fluids for his dehydration and also received meds for parasites. He is back home with his rescuers but still not eating as he should so we will be following up to see if some appetizer stimulants might be in order. This has absolutely been a very stressful time for the many veterinary staffs, pet owners, and animal rescuers. The severity of the issues we have been confronting has been like no other time since we created 4 Paws 1 Heart. We are forever grateful to our veterinary staffs and the many kind-hearted, amazing people who never turn their backs on animals in need. – diana gogh 8:11:20van gogh w:joe'l 8:11:20van gogh ==8:11:20

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