Dennis, Figuero, Tinsel, Lila, Constatine, Eudora, Bonita, Napoleon, Frieda, and Ferdinand – Trapped and Vetted in an Industrial Area

dennis 12:1:20 figuero12:1:20tinsel 12:1:20 lila 12:1:20 constatine 12:1:2012/1/20 – On our first day of measurable snow, it is fitting to give you a good example of what your dollars continue to do for the abandoned and abused. Our good friends of Ferndale Cat Shelter (check out their Catfe in Ferndale) have worked with us often. A few weeks ago I was contacted about a cat situation in a commercial area in a nearby City. A homeowner was allowing the cats to roam in and out of their garage but, not surprisingly, the number of cats kept increasing. A person who worked at one of the nearby shops contacted me with concern and requested help for trapping. I contacted our friends at Ferndale and since then, both Deanne and the person who contacted me, Kelsey, have been putting together their plan. The plan finally came to fruition this weekend.

These are the 10 cats/kittens trapped and spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, and treated for fleas/worms–five males and five females. If nothing was done, those ten cats would have turned into 35 cats within just a couple of months and within another couple months, turned into 70 cats, and so on. And, in a highly trafficked area with winter just starting, many of those cats would be injured or contract serious illnesses. So here is the lucky brood:
Dennis, Figuero, Tinsel, Lileudora 12:1:20 bonita 12:1:20 napoleon 12:1:20 frieda 12:1:20 ferdinand 12:2:20a, and Constatine (all between 4-6 months old who will be adopted out) and Eudora, Bonita, Napoleon, Frieda, and Ferdinand (all adults who will more likely be returned to their outdoor space and continue to be cared for by homeowners).
Your donations have saved thousands of animals just like these little ones and you should take pride in making such a huge difference. – diana
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