Pecan – Update

pecan 1:11:21Dee Brown Gudenau
32 breaths / minute this morning! Down from over 80/min on Friday! Pecan is on her way to kicking This pneumonia’s butt! Normal is 20-30 breaths/ min. Way to go Pecan! And she started to play with her toys!

Gina DeLuca Jenio
4 Paws 1 Heart (Her eye is runny because she just got her plasma drops or is she crying from happiness? No that would be her foster mommy! ) Have a great day!

Pecan – Update – Still Needs Prayers

1/10/21 – Pecan Update. Please continue praying for this very sweet baby who still has a journey ahead of her. Such sweet innocence. Many thanks to our Board member, Dee Gudenau, and great husband, Rick, for taking such good care of her- diana
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Dee Brown Gudenau

My husband calls me neurotic…I call it being thorough….I just recorded Pecan at 40/Breaths per minute…. get up and dance people! I know it will fluctuate be we can still do a little dance!
1/10/21 Pecan morning update.
After her nebulizer treatment, eye drops including her plasma drops, breakfast, water and a trip to the litterbox…it’s time for a nappy. Her breaths per minute was 52 compared to 54 yesterday afternoon. We will take the babystep! We are hoping to be able to get the recommended meds for her nebulizer to propel her healing. She will getting her daily dose of Enrofloxacin after her nap….pill form = fun for foster mommy.
Her weight is holding steady last couple of days at 2# 5.5 oz … she has only loss less then 3 oz since this all began! And last night she started to eat A/D wet food along with her favorite…her dry food.
Thank you all for your love and support for Pecan! Hope to post an eye update later today if she will hold still! Squiggly girl. 4 Paws 1 Heart Gina DeLuca Jenio

Sadie – Passed Around and Neglected Has Surgery for a Hematoma

1/9/21 – I was first contacted about Sadie and her buddy, Gizmo in July, 2020. Their owners moved to Florida and left them behind in their home. It was difficult to get them into a vet because of the shut downs and backlogs but a doctor who has since retired got them in and took care of their immediate needs to be tested and vaccinated before going to a foster home. The other day I received the following message from Marci who was involved in the July rescue:
“She’s almost unforgettable, she’s so fat. 😯
You helped me with her and a male named Gizmo. Their owners had gone to Florida, then decided to live in Florida for good. They didn’t want the cats. The new people moving into the house didn’t want them sadie 7:2:20sadie w:marci 1:6:21gizmo 1:9:21either, but had been leaving food & water for them. She said that’s when Sadie got so fat. Poor cat probably wasn’t sure if she’d get another meal. You covered their exams and vaccinations at Rakestraw. Both cats were already spayed/neutered. As I have a full basement, I took them in. Gizmo comes upstairs to roam around but Sadie hasn’t yet. She’ll sit on the landing thinking it over, then head back down. I haven’t done very well with getting her to lose some of that weight. She’s not a fan of laser pointers or toys. She’s my work in progress. 😕” She gave herself a hematoma. I have flushed her ears and, if it was from ear mites, I cannot tell. I am also treating with ointment. Do you ever cover the cost of surgery to fix ear hematomas? I understand that it rarely resolves on its own. – Marci”
Sadie has her surgery appointment scheduled for next Wednesday. The first photo is Sadie now. The next two are Sadie when she and Gizmo were rescued. Gizmo has been doing great in the home; as Marci said, Sadie is still reluctant. Far too many people believe that cats are not social creatures. They believe it’s ok to leave cats alone for days or forever. But just because some cats choose when to hang out with humans doesn’t mean they are not social animals. It is so very sad when an owner abandons their cats and they wind up living without any human interaction when they’ve been used to it. Praying that Sadie’s surgery goes well and that she can lose some weight. She may, in fact, be more social if her ear isn’t hurting any more. What we know for sure is that she is being loved and cared for. – diana

Pecan – Rushed to the Vet; diagnosed with Pneumonia

1/9/21 – Please send up a prayer for this very sick baby rescued just a couple of weeks ago. – diana


Please please please send prayers and positive energy to Pecan….yesterday I had to rush her to the vet and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. We are doing everything possible…meds, nebulizer, steam bathroom (thank you Denise!) , love and cuddle….but she needs more…she needs everyone’s prayers and healing energy sent to her. I will give a Pecan update later today. Thank you all! And thank you

4 Paws 1 Heart

for backing her medical…if you would like to donate to help Pecans medical expenses here is a link for more info.

Snickers – One of our Miracles from 2013

1/9/21 – Snickers! These years go by so quickly. Can’t believe it was 8 years ago that his life was saved by a young boy and his mom. Snickers’ story is just one of thousands as 4 Paws 1 Heart hits its $1 million mark in paid medical treatment for the abandoned and abused. May God continue to bless the rescuers, the veterinary staffs, and our supporters! – diana
P.S. Read about Snickers’ journey on our website.
snickerswhenfoundJanuary,2013 snickers 3:28:18--

“Dear Snickers.

Today is the day, one year ago you were found by a boy with a big heart… you were in an alley, freezing, sick and hungry. His Mom put out a plea on Craigslist for help for someone to come get you to get you to medical treatment…this is where Joey got his big heart. The plea was answered by Joanne who braved the horrible weather to get you and take you to the vet

Gina DeLuca


4 Paws 1 Heart

) was working at. Tears come to my eyes when I think about how Gina didn’t know if you would even survive, but they did everything they could and you fought so hard. Every baby step you made there was a whole Facebook community cheering you on and praying for you, including me, your Mom.

Huge thank yous go out to Joey, his Mom and Joanne for their life saving actions . Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart who paid for his medical expenses to save him and his eyesight. Thank you Gina for saving him and fostering him. Thank you

David Jenio

for giving Snickers someone to climb up and attack. Thank you

Diana Rascano

for all your time and effort for updating all of us on Snickers during his medical treatment. Thank you all for the love, prayer and support you gave Snickers.

Please consider donating to 4 Paw 1 Heart so they can continue to save lives of injured and sick helpless animals….they deserve a chance.
In honor of Snickers, his Dad & I will be making a donation in his name.
We love you so much buddy!

You can read the beginning of the story here….”
Donations easily given here:

Prince – Left to Die on a Chain

1/8/21 – Prince was left to die with a huge chain wrapped around his neck. His rescuer, Amy, had to buy him to save him. He was malnourished, infested with fleas and fly bites, and had a severe rash around his neck. Two days ago he tested positive for heart worm. His rescuer has been working with him to build his trust and his treatment will start asap. Here he is in his new sweater complements of a 4 paws1heart supporter. A little prayer for his full recovery would be appreciated. – diana

Snow and Rico – Snow Was Found Dying on the Side of the Road

1/6/2021 – Snow and Rico are so close they caught each other’s upper respiratory infections. Snow was originally found dying on the side of the road. The 19 year old son of the person who contacted us had been running and saw the cat who was obviously struggling and very sick. He brought the cat, Snow, home and the family contacted us to help. Snow was seen for a severe upper respiratory infection and was given several medications. There was a serious concern that she could lose one eye and eyesight in the other. Her ears and eyes needed treatment and she needed treatment for roundworm. And, as much as the family tried keeping Snow and Rico apart, eventually Rico (who had been born to a stray female and was rescued earlier) found his way to Snow and caught her infection. With Snow not fully recovered and Rico catching the infection, we were again contacted for help and everyone was again treated Finally with much love and care everyone is now healthy and were ready for their full vet visit in December. Everyone is now tested (negative), vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. And I just heard that Snow and Rico are doing great doing great. The rescue family is very appreciative. Because of losing their family business and their work statuses being uknown at this time, the family would not have been able to save these beauties without our help. It truly takes a village. – diana

Pecan – Gets a Blood Donor to Help With Her Eye Medicine

1/5/21 – pecan 1:5:21-- maizey blood donor pecan 1:5:21Big day today for our little Pecan!!! She has one eye left, and as you all know saving it has been our goal. Unfortunately, an appointment with the Eye Specialist is several weeks away because they are very busy. In the meantime, we have been fortunate enough to receive professional advice from our doctors at Moore Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Z of Lake Orion who handles lots of eye cases. Dr. Wright has also chimed in with her helpful experience. ♡ It takes a village!
Over the last few days the eye formed what looks like the start of an ulcer. One of the eye drops recommended in this kind of case requires a procedure of a blood draw using the serum spun down from the blood.. It can be frozen to last longer, but since Pecan is so small we needed a healthy adult kitty.
The hospital mascot “Maizey” over at Moore (beautiful long hair calico), donated the blood needed for Pecan. Our skilled tech Julie and assistant Tracey both did an awesome job getting 15mls of blood without needing full sedation!
This may significantly help to save the remaining eye, heal it faster, and reach our goal of saving any vision we can!!!! ♡
Huge thank you to foster mommy and Daddy Dee and Rick♡
I looked up the meaning of the name Maize and found it very fitting. ♡ Gina

Punky Brewster – Found Hiding Amongst Automotive Stampings

1/5/21 – Meet beautiful Punky Brewster. A supporter of 4 Paws 1 Heart, Sheila, contacted me about a 5-6 week old kitten found at the automotive stamping plant in which she works. One of the men in the plant came across this little kitten hiding in between pallets that were piled high with heavy automotive stampings. Sheila and the other employee tried several times to catch her and finally Sheila was able to catch her from behind. Sheila then contacted us to see if we could assist.
Punky was taken to a vet and was tested, dewormed, and treated for fleas and a tick that was found on the poor little baby. Sheila decided to give Punky a furever home and make her a companion for her 18 year-old kitty. Everyone is doing great and Punky will be getting her vaccines and spay complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. – dianapunky brewster 10:2020 punky brewster w:sheila 10:22:20 punky brewster -- 10:2020 punky brewster w:sheila s 10:9:20

Pecan – Update From New Foster Mom

1/3/20 – Pecan Update. We’ll be setting up an appointment for Pecan to be seen by an eye specialist. 4 Paws 1 Heart is very lucky to have such a wonderful Board of loving caretakers even though we are officially not a Rescue. Thank you to our many supporters who make miracles like this possible. – diana
pecan 1:3:21-- pecan 1:3:21

“Wally the beaver has a buddy….her name is Pecan. Thank you Gina for entrusting this precious soul to us. She has been with us for a few days and blossoming into a crazy kitten and obviously comfy kitten….that belly exposed stretched out position is her preferred sleeping position….and she loves her belly rubbed…so rubbed it will be…with a side of raspberries.

Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for backing he medical including removal of her ruptured eye ….and Pecan’s back story can be found on their page.

4 Paws 1 Heart – Dee”