Pecan – Update – Still Needs Prayers

1/10/21 – Pecan Update. Please continue praying for this very sweet baby who still has a journey ahead of her. Such sweet innocence. Many thanks to our Board member, Dee Gudenau, and great husband, Rick, for taking such good care of her- diana
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Dee Brown Gudenau

My husband calls me neurotic…I call it being thorough….I just recorded Pecan at 40/Breaths per minute…. get up and dance people! I know it will fluctuate be we can still do a little dance!
1/10/21 Pecan morning update.
After her nebulizer treatment, eye drops including her plasma drops, breakfast, water and a trip to the litterbox…it’s time for a nappy. Her breaths per minute was 52 compared to 54 yesterday afternoon. We will take the babystep! We are hoping to be able to get the recommended meds for her nebulizer to propel her healing. She will getting her daily dose of Enrofloxacin after her nap….pill form = fun for foster mommy.
Her weight is holding steady last couple of days at 2# 5.5 oz … she has only loss less then 3 oz since this all began! And last night she started to eat A/D wet food along with her favorite…her dry food.
Thank you all for your love and support for Pecan! Hope to post an eye update later today if she will hold still! Squiggly girl. 4 Paws 1 Heart Gina DeLuca Jenio
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