Pecan – Update

1/24/21 – Our smart little girl, Pecan, is healthy enough to send her own message to our friends:

“Hi facebook…Pecan here…My first ever post! Foster Mommy said I could because I’m not wheezing much when I’m playing…it’s been 16 days (that is like 62 cat days) since the vet said I had double pneumonia. I’m still doing the nebulizer jail – you guys must break me out! 10 minutes 3 times a day is torture! But I’m done with all of the other meds. And the other miracle…MY EYE! Better to see my foster mommy’s & daddy’s feet to attack them! Foster Mommy still is giving me the plasma drops for the last 20 days…which I HATE…after she gives them to me I have to go have a snack…I stress eat. Just thinking about them – I have to go have a snack. Bye my fans! – Pecan”

4pecan 1:24:21---- pecan 1:24:21


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