Salem – Pregnant and Rescued from a Mobile Home Park

3/9/21 – A baby is born. This is Salem. She was rescued from a mobile home park at the beginning of the month. It was suspected that she might be pregnant and after being examined, it was confirmed. One baby was all that could be seen during the ultra sound. Our friend, Jo, took her into her home with our other friend, Debra, helping out while Jo was a t work. Yesterday morning, Salem was found to have a steady stream of drool/pus coming from her mouth. Also, there was a pool of blood. She was taken to the veterinary hospital where Gina works and she was treated with antibiotics for what was diagnosed as the Calicivirus. This virus is one of the main causes of respiratory infection and can also cause oral disease. It is especially common in shelters and breeding colonies and often infects young cats. The doctor reported that Salem could give birth within the next 24 hours. Well, the doctor was right. Salem had her baby and the two of them were brought back to the hospital for a wellness check. The baby has a cleft palate and mama is unable to feed her. Mama was also found to have an issue with her back foot pads; the skin seems to be coming off of her back feet. Mama will require bandaging of her feet daily and the baby will have to be tube fed 24/7. The team is in the process of determining where these two will be fostered but whoever is chosen, be assured they will be expert in providing the care needed. Please say a little prayer for these sweeties. I’m afraid the family will need some substantial medical care so anything you can do to help us fund the medical needs, will be much appreciated. – diana
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