ALERT – Cats in Danger; Being Used in Dog Fighting

2/24/21 – ALERT – This information came from a friend who cares for cat communities and rescues both dogs and cats in Detroit.
“Some dog fighting rings are now putting purple, yellow, and green bright colors on white areas of cats that they’re using as bait for fighting dogs. They now are betting on which cat will last the longest by three marked colors that are on them. So tell people to watch their cat communities. The only.reason this is out is that a lucky grey kitty escaped with purple paws and then later other cats were found dead, with color-coded parts. Plus, I had someone warn me to watch out for this.”
If anyone can add to this information it would be appreciated by all cat rescuers and caretakers. And this is one of many reasons for NEVER giving out cats for free and without appropriate vetting of the humans. – diana
3/11/21 – This
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